Lisk Network Status

If you want to support Liskstats and future development of it and other tools for Lisk, vote for ThePOOL Delegate moreover, you will get proportional share from delegate revenue!

If you want to list your Lisk node check this github page with lisk-network-reporter, join Lisk Chat and ask around for secret key to list your node!

Supporting can also generate passive income, Lisk Network is funding multiple projects from newly created coins. If you want to receive free LSK you need to run lisk-network-reporter along with lisk node and with each node you run and you need to specify Lisk address as INSTANCE_NAME in lisk-network-reporter config. Each node you add needs to have different Lisk address. After few hours this address should be listed in statistics with "fake" balance of (500k LSK / number of payable contributors) which is reward for supporting Basically running lisk-network-reporter is giving you vote power of (500k LSK / number of payable contributors) on reserved 500k LSK vote weight to support If more people will contribute, reward per one will decrease. If you are node operator and looking forward to do the same and get advertisement over here. Please check github repository

If you want set up your own dashboard check this github page

If you want to keep receiving revenue by supporting Liskstats you need to keep track of all new Lisk releases and make sure that you always run latest version of Lisk. Only latest official version will receive reward.

Rules to qualify for rewards
1. Reported node needs to be running on latest lisk core release.
2. Reported node needs to have proper LISK address declared in "INSTANCE_NAME" field in app.json.
3. Reported node needs to have proper contact details declared in "CONTACT_DETAILS" field in app.json. Email or nickname.
4. Reported node needs to be independently run on different ip and reporting from unique instance of lisk core.
5. Reported node cannot be hidden behind local NAT, for node in local network port 8000 needs to be forwarded to local server with lisk core.
6. Server with Lisk Core and lisk-network-reporter needs to have sshd running on port 22. (If there is different port already in use, please contact us.)
7. Reported node needs to be well maintained and never be behind network best height.
8. Max 5 nodes per operator
Check good and bad nodes

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact.

Lisk Network Status